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Newt Channels a Nitwit

Posted on | April 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

Glenn Beck is currently ranked Number Two by SvS in speaking Stupid-Angry, the language of the Moronocracy. He trails only Sarah Palin in the ability to resonate with people who aren’t so bright. But now, Newt Gingrich has thrown his hat into the ring…

As late as a few years ago, right-wingers had claimed that Professor Gingrich was about “the smartest guy in the room.” But Newt’s most recent Op-Ed in last Friday’s Washington Post uses the same, hack tricks perfected by Beck. Gingrich begins with a ridiculous Straw Man – the socialist canard. Then he continues with a Beckian chalk-talk, breaking down his notion of the “Secular-Socialist Machine” into individual words, for which he offers sinister, imaginary meaning. Anyone who has suffered though a little Beck knows these are what substitute for Ah-Ha! Moments among our less-intellectual neighbors. Gingrich does everything but pull on a tee shirt that says, “I’m with stupid!”

Gingrich’s argument that the Obama Administration is a “Secular-Socialist Machine” begins with examples for “machine.” (No I’m not kidding.) According to Gingrich, the passage of the economic stimulus package is proof of “machine.” I’m sure this connection resonates in not-so-bright-world but c’mon, Newt, aren’t you embarrassed? At all?

Apparently not. Creating “Czar” positions is ominously offered as proof of the word “socialist.” This even though Czars were the Russian equivalent of a king – and about as far away from socialist ideology as one could go. And he fails to mention that “Czars” in this context are simply an insider nickname for these special-focus positions. The term isn’t a job title – much less a job description.

The auto industry bankruptcy, the EPA, and “the nationalizing of student loans” are other examples of Leninist activities, according to Gingrich. Direct student lending, he predicts will certainly lead to massive fraud, instead of ending it. Of course, an important part of constructing a Straw Man is carefully not explaining your unsupportable claims.

“Secular,” gets a little bit of short-shrift by Gingrich, perhaps because he doesn’t want to give the (correct) impression that it’s true. But he offers  up this Obama quote-snip, “secular country that is respectful of religious freedom,” (and appointing David Hamilton as a federal judge) as proof of something that he seems to imply is religious intolerance.

Gingrich has never been a man of integrity. It’s worth remembering that he informed his wife he’d be divorcing her bedside – in her hospital room – while she was fighting cancer. And he once promised to speak of Clinton’s infidelity “every day,” while having his own affair every night.

But in playing Beck’s game – and probably playing it as well as Beck – Gingrich sinks to a new low. He is de-facto proof that Republicans are pandering to stupid people. He writes too well to actually believe his arguments. On the other hand, he’s far too much of a whore to actually be the smartest guy in anyone’s room.



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